Friday, August 28, 2015

JMI E-Design Has Arrived!

Happy Friday, everyone!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our e-design service here at Jennifer Muirhead Interiors.

What is e-design, you're wondering? Why, dear reader, I'm so glad you asked! 

E-design is the perfect way to work with us even if you're not located in the Los Angeles area, or if you're someone who might not need our full range of services and prefer to work at your own pace.  
Our e-design client is someone who wants to utilize our creative services but isn't afraid to tackle the execution on his or her own. 

But how does it all work, you ask? The process is simple: you tell us what you need and how much you want to spend, send us room measurements (which we will walk you through, step by step) and a few photos, and in 4-6 weeks, we send you a fully customized plan, tailored to your lifestyle and budget. 

What you'll receive from us is a vision board that helps you understand how the room will look in the end, a to-scale floor plan mapping out where each piece should be placed and a complete shopping list detailing where and exactly what to purchase. To make your life easier, we'll also include a set of portable swatch  books--one for fabric and paint, the other featuring furniture, accessories and art--that you can toss in a bag to take shopping. 

Want to learn more? Interested parties should check out the E-Design tab on our website.

Cheers to the weekend!

Friday, August 7, 2015

Raising a Glass: My Favorite Glassware of the Moment

This summer was a rough one on our drinking glasses so it's time for some new ones. A simple enough task, you say? Just pop over to Target and pick some up, you say? Ha. Interior designers are raging perfectionists who've put a convenient professional sheen over their disorder. 

So indulge me while I run down my list of contenders for new drinking glasses:

My go-to for years was the CB2 Marta tumbler, but I've had to constantly replace them, which is getting annoying. That doesn't stop me from admiring their newer, more colorful model, though:

Up in Lake Arrowhead, we're really embracing the country vibe, so we use the blue Ball mason jars. Should I go country in the city?

I also really love Crate and Barrel's multi-use working glasses. I seem to always be short on food storage containers, and I'd like to move away from all the plastic. Seems a good option, no?

However, I also love the graceful spin Williams-Sonoma put on the working glasses. It's more of a  Euro bistro vibe, which makes sense as they're made by Duralex, a mainstay of the French cafe scene:

C and I were out to dinner recently at Blue Plate Oysterette and were really taken with the whole East Coast vibe in there. They have these cute recycled wine bottle tumblers that were so fun. 

A recent favorite source for dinnerware (and everything else, really) is Farmhouse Pottery, so I definitely had to check out their offerings. I really love the double wall glasses that hold both hot and cold drinks. And they're so pretty (let's be honest--this is my priority)!

And I couldn't resist these delicate beauties. The description claims they work for hot or cold drinks as well, but I'm not totally convinced of their strength. Don't want to have to order new ones constantly. Gorgeous, though, right?

Schoolhouse Electric always has something special on tap, and these petite stacking tumblers don't disappoint. If only I could have mine on permanent display next to a cute bottle of ginger beer. Also, I've noticed that men generally prefer larger glasses (Why is this? Do you find this to be true, too?) so these might be out of the running.

Heath Ceramics is another of my very favorites when it comes to tableware. The simple beauty of these super durable, streamlined glasses, also by French company Duralex, is refreshing.

While I was on their site, I noticed they carry the Soma water carafe and filter. I've heard such amazing things about this--have you? Has anyone tried it? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Decisions, decisions...What's your favorite? Have any in mind that I didn't include here?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Restaurant Design: Nopi London (Or How Many Times Can I Write the Word "Brass" in a Single Post?)

Hi everyone! Hope you're all enjoying your summer and getting to log some travel miles while you're at it. Speaking of, I'm just back from London which has quickly become my favorite city. I'm sure I said this about 273 times while I was there but, I'd move there in a heartbeat!

I was there once before in college and this was a much different experience. We had a child-free week  (Sorry P. We'll bring you next time!) of amazing restaurants, site seeing and Wimbledon madness.

Back to design: the best, best, best meal we had was at Yotam Ottenlenghi's Soho restaurant, Nopi. The food could be a whole other blog post, it was that delicious, but round these parts, we stick to the pretty stuff...

Black, white, brass--all the things I love in life.

Touches of brass throughout created the vintage yet modern atmosphere.

These oversized brass books in the downstairs dining room are genius. I especially love how they were repeated in rows on each wall. 

Obligatory #infiniteselfie that I took in the mirrored WC. #designdork

The Strawberry Rose Petal Mess was another level of dessert.  Recipe here

And a little inspo board for those of you into the Nopi look.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Hancock Park Refresh Photos

Happy Friday everyone! We've had a busy few weeks here at JMI, completing a bunch of mini-installations and wrapping up one of my favorite client's homes with a fun photo shoot for the old portfolio.

I posted some cell pics a few weeks back, but I'm excited to share the professional shots, courtesy of the amazing photographer, Jayme Burrows.

I started working with these clients about a year or so ago. They were looking to move their daughter out of her nursery and into a "big girl" room.  I had recently gone through this momentous transition myself with Penelope, so I was really excited for them.

We ended up using a lot of her daughter's own artwork on the walls, which is one of my favorite things to do in kids' rooms. 

We even left her chalkboard art on her easel for some authenticity. 

A short while later, I was tasked with the happy job of creating a nursery space for their soon-to-be-born baby boy. We kept things modern but not overtly masculine and were pretty much ready to go when he arrived!

Things moved on to the dining room and living room after that. I am completely obsessed with the rug we sourced for the dining room. (Yay, etsy!)

My favorite shot of the day...

Just a little corner of the master...

We were really happy with how everything turned and the clients' couldn't have been lovelier or more fun to work with. I hope they enjoy their new space!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Coming Soon: Jennifer Muirhead Interiors Office Update!

Hi ya'll! It's been a few years since I've done anything to my office/studio which sometimes doubles as a guest room. I've been pretty happy with the Parker Palm Springs vibes that I've been working over here, but I've got the itch to switch things up.

Since hiring an assistant a few months back and adopting a dog who's constantly in and out, the office space is seeing much more activity than when it was just little old me. So here's what's inspiring me to bring a fresh look to our office:

I'm looking for soothing neutrals with lots of textural interest...

Someplace to corral all of my pretties...

Lots of bright light...

And plenty of space to spread out!

I'll keep you posted!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Client Project Update

Happy Friday and Happy Spring everyone! Hope you all have some fantastic plans. We'll be celebrating with a couple of French 77s (our new favorite--see an easy adaptation here).

This was a busy week for us at JMI, but the highlight for sure was finishing up a living and dining room area in a long-time clients' home. They are the sweetest, coolest family and I had so much fun working with them. I hope to have the whole place photographed professionally soon, but here are some phone pics of the living and dining areas that I wanted to share:

It's really hard to tell in these photos but the wall color may be favorite yet (Benjamin Moore Wickham Gray).

Don't mind the kiddo kitchen in the corner there!

I had to get this a picture of the chandelier with the lights on--it's so good. 

Cocktails, anyone?

Cheers! xoxo

Friday, March 13, 2015


Happy Friday!

Last year was kind of an insane year for our family for all sorts of reasons, and there are no signs of things slowing down, so we've been looking for a place to get away to on the weekends (or even play hooky during the week!). Someplace that's within driving distance that we could run off to at a moment's notice (i.e, not have to worry about packing), and we kind of settled on Lake Arrowhead. Ahh... Even just typing it, I can feel my blood pressure dropping.

Ninety minutes from us, we found a little slice of heaven to escape to. At least, it will be once I get my little fingers on it. It's definitely a fixer of the late 90's variety: lots of tongue and groove (that's T&G to you city folk), weird paint applications and lacquer. So. Much. Lacquer.  Exhibit A:

Exhibit B, etc...:

Need I go on? This does not sway me at all. I have faith in the power of white paint. I'm thinking modern rustic. I'm thinking locally sourced antiques meets West Elm meets etsy.  Some pictures so you can see where my heads at:

It's all cosmetic, really. And at the end of the day, it's all about this view:


Hope you'll follow along as we update our woodsy weekend abode!