Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Spring Cleaning and Rainy Day Messes

It’s been raining here in Los Angeles. Not enough to break out my Hunters, but enough that P and I are sort of stuck indoors. We’ve been dressing up, having dance parties and playing with every toy we can pull off the shelves. I snapped this shot of our living room mid-day to try and capture the chaos. Fortunately the level of mess was commensurate with the amount of fun we’re having.

We’ve been doing some work on the house, trying to get it into a state of semi-orderliness (Is this a word? It should be; it describes my life to a T, as of late.) If you know me well, you know it literally takes me YEARS to decide on anything, but I finally found a bedroom set that a) I love enough to keep forever, b) isn’t overly feminine or masculine and c) wasn’t made in 1934 and therefore can hold more that three t-shirts and one pair of pants, which was the problem with our old set. It took ten weeks for the two dressers to get here but it was worth the wait. They’re perfect and they’ve totally inspired me to get the rest of the house up to par. (Unfortunately for Penelope, this means our bedroom is now a No Crayons Allowed zone.) Next up is a small side yard project (for which I will try and post ‘Before and After’ shots), a quickie paint and hardware switch-out for the guest bathroom and, finally, some new cabinets and counters in the kitchen. Speaking of paint, has anyone ever done that thing where you bring a swatch of fabric to Home Depot and they match a gallon of paint to it? I am thinking of doing this but wondering how accurate it really is…

This weekend we’re heading to Malibu for a friend’s wedding and are leaving P at home overnight with our sitter. I’m equal parts excited and nervous; even though we’ve left her before and our sitter is amazing, I can’t truly relax until we get home and my hand is turning the knob, opening our front door to see our girl's smiling face. I’m guessing this will never change.

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