Monday, April 11, 2011

Pretty Petals

Yesterday we hosted an afternoon BBQ at our place for some of C's colleagues. It was a casual, buffet-style affair from which I learned three things:

1. Hiring a caterer is the only way to go (I didn't) if your party is over 10 people (it was).

2. It's unkind to test new recipes on nice people (Toasted israeli couscous: Fail. Flourless chocolate cake: Aha. Ahahaha. MAJOR FAIL.)

3. C works with some very sweet people, some of whom brought us gorgeous spring flowers that I felt compelled to photograph and share with you.

I love hydrangeas. They always make me think of shingled summer cottages at the Jersey shore. Yes! There are nice things about the Jersey shore...

I always admire a punchy grouping of roses but shy away from them for some reason, sticking to monochromatic arrangements. I think this particular bouquet has converted me. I'm loving the extra something it gives to this kinda blah corner in my office. So pretty!

Can't wait for the peonies to make their appearance in a few weeks!


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