Tuesday, October 9, 2012

DIEM & The Avenues Event

I gave myself a time out yesterday on account of C being out of town all weekend, which led to three nights of not sleeping, which led to the Crankasaurus Rex I was all day long. I made the mistake of letting P "sleep" (ha ha, ah ha ha ha...) in our bed while C was gone, and in summary, here are Monday's highlights:

1. P pouring a bottle of water on my cell phone in the lobby of the Audi service center for laughs.
2. Loading groceries into my trunk and realizing my button down blouse was open TO MY NAVEL for who knows how long (some Whole Foods shoppers got a little extra thrill today, I guess).
3. P tracking cat poo up our walkway and in the front door. Her Supergas are super no more.

Anyway, my plan was to blog a bit out the DIEM (Design Intersects Everything Made) lectures I attended on Friday, but I very irresponsibly only took one pic. There were some professional photographers there and when I track those down, I'll post a few. Even though I don't have any of my own, I'll hope you'll indulge me if I outline some of the topics discussed:
Image via Diem's Facebook page

1. State of the Union: LA Design NOW (held in the Waterworks Showroom--insane eye candy in that place!!)

Fashion Designer Gregory Parkinson: "Culture is the most important element [for designers]."

Architect Bob Hale: "Design in the community improves the quality of life for its members."

2. Coloring Outside the Lines: Collecting Design in the Future (Robert Kuo showroom)

Interior Designer Olive Furth: When considering purchasing an important piece, does it meet this criteria:
-Would it be appropriate for your next house? Can it move with you?
-Is it beautiful against a white backdrop?
-Is it beautiful in and of itself?

Philips Auction House Specialist Maya Mclaughlin (also a former colleague of Michael S. Smith's): Buying pieces from an emerging artist is always a risk BUT consider that by purchasing the art, you're raising it's value in doing so. Also, don't be afraid to ask questions at the auctions--it doesn't matter how inexpensive the lot is, they still want to sell it.

Eames Scholar Daniel Ostroff: Why buy a piece of furniture that will devalue?

I wished I could've stayed for the following lunch and afternoon lectures but my shoes were literally killing me. They're my new favorites and I actually had to ice my left knee for the rest of the day because it was THROBBING in pain. Can't be a good thing.

All in all, it was really inspiring to be around so many creative people listening to their thoughts and views on things I am constantly trying to figure out myself.


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