Thursday, January 17, 2013

TOO by Blu Dot for Target

Who knew Blu Dot had a collection at Target? Maybe everyone did. Maybe I'm the very last person on the planet to know, but while rushing through the new City Target in Westwood last week, I stopped in my tracks when I spotted this gorgeous robin's egg table with matching stools:

I couldn't believe it was Blu Dot! I've always loved Blu Dot and have recently been considering one of their lovely powder-coated consoles for my office (to be revealed soon--I promise!). So naturally I was thrilled when I saw these similarly stylish coffee tables, desks, chairs, etc... at crazy cheap prices (I think the priciest piece was a loveseat at $449).

The happiest color!

So sweet.

Amazing for a child's room, no?

I took some crappy cell phone pics but when I did my research later on, I just pulled these nicer photos from Target's website. Apparently the collection is only available online, but I'm guessing this particular store's proximity to UCLA has something to do with their in-store status. Sheesh. And I thought my Ikea cabinets were so cool back in the day... 


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