Sunday, February 21, 2010

Circle Game

What an amazing, relaxing weekend this turned out to be! Saturday morning I checked out a nursery school open house in the neighborhood while C took P for a stroll around the reservoir. It's an outdoor co-op school, which is interesting; I like the idea of working at my child's school two days a week but am not completely sold on the total absence of academics (it's sort of an all-play, no-structure mission that they have there). The good news is we have another 18 months to figure it all out, but it was still really exciting to think of how much fun P is going to have at school.

In the afternoon, we hit up the Baskin Robbins on Larchmont for vanilla softserves all around. It was P's first one ever, and aside from the fact that she kept calling it "cupcake" (her blanket term for all things sugary and delicious), it was a complete hit. And really, who doesn't like BR softserve?

Today, after our usual Sunday visit to the farmer's market, we met up with a friend and his daughter, Bella, at the Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round, another first for Penelope. Wow. Although a bit skeptical at first (see photos for her "nervous face"), she quickly got over it, petting her "horse," clapping to the music and riding with her arms extended out (future adrenaline junkie, perhaps?). She cried when we left, saying "Bye bye" to all the painted horses and their next band of little riders.

She spent the rest of the afternoon forlornly whinnying around the house and frequently pointing out the window in the direction of the park (she did this after we took her to ride the Griffith Park Train, too). I'm guessing I'll be logging a lot of saddle time in the coming years...

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