Monday, March 1, 2010

In Which We Share A Cupcake

My apologies for the too-long absence! We had a very full weekend that included dinner with friends on Saturday evening and a b-day party on Sunday morning (Another thing I knew nothing about: the toddler birthday party circuit. Holy exhaustion! They should really tell you on the Evite to take a preemptory Advil and to come hydrated to those things.) Also on the agenda was an appointment for highlights, which (if you aren’t one of the dozen or so people I called to whine at length to and don’t already know) went horribly awry. Long story short, I currently look like Denise Richards but am hoping a color correction appointment on Wednesday will have me back to my old brunette-ish self.

Before all of the weekend madness, though, I took my little sidekick over to the Americana on Friday afternoon for a cupcake date at Crumbs. I’m pretty sure Crumbs is a national chain, but for those of you who haven’t experienced this dessert shop sensation, I will explain: cupcakes so enormous that you will become ill if you finish one by yourself (and yet I never learn…) that come in ridiculous flavors like Devil Dog, Cotton Candy, Cosmo and Key Lime Pie.

As I’ve mentioned before, P is obsessed with cupcakes. Everything delicious and sweet is “cupcake,” including ice cream, waffles and muffins. She has had them before but this was our first actual cupcake date in which I would attempt to let her pick one out and share one with her at the shop.

Okay, so the picking out part didn’t go very well. It was actually seven minutes of shrieking “Cupcake! Cupcake!” (which, when you’re in a small public space, is a long time) while I waited for my latte. I think the display case was a little too much for P to handle, so I just picked my favorite, Bryant Park, which is chocolate-y and mousse-y and whipped cream-y. Here are some photos from our cupcake picnic (note the chocolate Joker-style smears on P’s face):

Afterwards, she jumped down from the booth and danced around the shop singing a song called--what else--“Cupcake.”


The Observer said...

As you and I have discussed, this is a way in which we are terribly similar. I am pretty sure I had better game when I was 15 ("You write for the school paper? Me, too!"). I PURPOSEFULLY joined gymboree so that I could meet people with kids Marco's age. I have been too shy to approach anyone in ALMOST A YEAR of going there. If anyone talks to me, I am terribly goofy about it (Ok, try not to fall over with shock). Most recently, in an exchange that was kid of painful, one mom asked me for my phone number (BE STILL MY HEART) and that we should get out sons together sometime. I will let you know how it goes if I ever get myself together to call her (I will probably hang up before she picks up).

The Observer said...

oops. That post was from Jess. I am also starting a blog, and log in as the Observer. Don't ask.