Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Fun With Photo Booth: Stickers and Stripes Edition

Photographed by Penelope
Styled by Penelope
Stickers by Dora The Explorer. T-shirts and silliness are the models' own.

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PapaCos said...

Mom and I loved these pictures; you two are having way too good a time out there in "Cupcakeville." While Dora is not my personal favorite, I was won over by the artistic sticker display.
Came home sick today-first time since I don't know when. Apparently I brought more than my luggage home with me from Albuquerque! I,m putting Vicks on my chest, socks on my feet and saline solution up my....well, you get the picture. Of course no one will come near me and I leave a trail of disinfectant wipes behind me as I sneak around my own house, having untied the ropes your mother tried to bind me with while I was sleeping. I'm not kidding! Uh oh, the sheriff is coming up the stairs, I better get back in jail, I mean bed. Love and kisses to all.