Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Your Regularly Scheduled Programming

What a month it’s been! (Okay, definitely been reading too much Dr. Seuss: "What a hat! I like that party hat!") The Macaron has been on hiatus due to the nonstop stream of visitors in town since the beginning of March, the last of which was my sister, Anne, who left on Sunday. She was out here for work and to celebrate her very recent engagement to Ryan—congrats, you crazy kids!

Penelope LOVED having all these members of her family around her, and it’s so bittersweet listening to her talk about all of these “fwends” that had come to stay: She learned how to say Grandad (“Gan-dad”); got to log some serious shopping time with her Grandma (still working on saying that one) and is still peeking around doorframes in our house searching for her Aunt Annie (“Annieeee, Whey ah yoooooouuuuu?”).

As you can probably gather, her vocabulary has increased tenfold, and it’s so nice to really communicate with her now. I am stunned every time she speaks a little sentence (“Mommy, I want cheese.”) no matter how mundane it is. I so often forget that she is a little human who will continue to grow, absorbing and retaining information—even the bad stuff. Like my road rage rants that I must now learn to suppress, lest I want Penelope repeating things like “Alright, you dummy!” Which she did an hour after I screamed and shook my fists at some jerk in a Rav4 last week, who totally deserved it, by the way. This parroting, although adorable, prompted a two-fold insecurity in me that, a) my vehicular trash talking game is alarmingly PG-rated (I’m a real menace on the roads—watch out, you dummies!) and b) what other little gems have fallen on her tiny ears that may someday resurface at inopportune moments? I guess only time will tell on me.

I’m taking solace in the fact that Penelope, unlike her potty-mouthed mother, is polite and says please, thank you and you’re welcome (“Yah Welcome!”) in both English and Spanish. (Also, danke, randomly.) What more could a proud mommy ask for?


PS--Many congratulations to the Bean who is having a baby boy Bean in August!! Your Aunt Jennifer sees herself buying lots of tiny seersucker blazers for you, Baby Bean!

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