Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Haps

Hello! Have a few minutes to spare before P wakes up from her nap and thought I’d post a quick update on the spring happenings since last we met. Some highlights:

-Construction has started on our backyard revamp! So far only a few hiccups to speak of but I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll be toasting its completion with celebratory margaritas (rocks, salt) in two weeks time. Here are some "BEFORE" pictures of the space.

-We have been renting a condo with some friends in Palm Springs since the beginning of May. We usually drive out late Friday or early Saturday and spend the weekend cooking, reading, swimming, wearing enormous hats and generally being pretty lazy. It’s fabulous and I love it. But more importantly, P really enjoys her time there, as well.

Penelope in her "babysuit"

-I joined Twitter. I would have more to say about this except that each time I try to log in, I am met by a scary cartoon of a whale being hoisted out of the ocean by a flock of cute birds and the message “Twitter overloaded. Too many tweets!,” or some such nonsense. So far not impressed with Twitter.

-My second Mother’s Day came and went, faster than I can believe it. My little family took me out for brunch at my favorite spot in Palm Springs, where I had order envy of everyone around me (I am the WORST at ordering). Later we hit up the drive thru Starbucks—why don’t we have these, LA??—and relaxed by the poolside, soaking up as much sun as SPF 70 allows. I hope all the mommies I know enjoyed their day as much as I did.

On our way to brunch

-I am up to my ears in peonies, my favorite flower. It's the season for them and they're $5.99 for 5 stems at Trader Joe's! They are stunning when they're completely opened. I carried white ones on my wedding day and having them around the house always takes me back to that amazing day. Plus I think P is really tickled to see these enormous hot pink flowers everywhere.

-We have booked a trip to North Carolina in mid July with my in-laws, which we are really looking forward to. We haven’t been to the Outer Banks since before we were married (7 years ago, I think), so I’m anxious to see how P takes to the huge beaches and warm water. The girl never met a wide, open space she didn’t want to run figure-eight laps around, so I am pretty confident she will love it.

I think that’s all I’ve got for now. Will try to keep you abreast of the construction and anything that seems interesting.


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