Thursday, July 29, 2010

Return of the Mac

Okay, so that was an inordinately long break from posting. We have had probably our busiest summer yet, jam packed with multiple trips to the east coast, a week in the desert and family visitors of our own here in beautiful downtown Silverlake. Not a good enough excuse, I know, but in my defense, I was visiting pretty much all of the readers of this blog. So really, you were getting the Lemon Mac in person, right?

Anyway, in case I am NOT related to you and we have NOT spoken in a long while, I will give you the low down from Chez Muirhead. As I mentioned, lots of trips, the first of which was to surprise my sister Casey for her baby shower back in June, although I think she knew we were going to be there (Did you know??). It was so nice to be back in the Garden State, even if it was too brief a visit. I’m trying to get my act together enough to come back in the fall for a week or so. There are so many others I would love to spend time with. Also, I’m having trouble translating what Teresa Guidice is saying on the Real Housewives of New Jersey and fear I am losing the language. (Immersion truly is the best teacher.)

After that we had a fantastic week in Palm Springs with my parents, who I think would officially have their names changed to “Nana” and “Papa” if they could. For me, it’s always bittersweet having family come to town because no matter how long their stay is, I’m dreading having to say goodbye from the minute they arrive.

Nana and P kickin it in Palm Springs

Then on P’s second birthday, we flew back across the country for a week in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, which was everything I hoped it would be. In an unexpected turn of events, Penelope developed a fear of the ocean (I think it was the loud crash of the surf that did it) and had seemingly resigned herself to sitting in a beach chair and watching everyone else swim for the whole of the week. Between the sunhat and the wistful smile, she looked like a 70-year old trapped in a two-year old’s body. It was sad. Finally on our last day, she let her daddy carry her into the water and by day’s end, she had to be dragged out.

P stress eating while watching the ocean

While we were there we celebrated both Penelope’s birthday (chocolate cupcakes!) and Christian’s (chocolate cake!), which, combined with presents from faraway relatives that trickle in almost daily, has led her to sing Happy Birthday to herself every day since. I’m guessing this will be a problem in a year or two, but for now I see no harm.

Animal birthday cupcakes-yummy!

Discovering the Lily Pulitzer pony in Duck, NC

Okay, this post is getting obnoxiously long, and even though I have tons more news to share with you, I will wrap this up with a double-pinky promise to update you again by week’s end. Sound good? Good.


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Sounds good....Aunt S can't wait to hear the rest! More pics pleeeease