Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Meshes of the Afternoon

The Diarrheac Plague rages on, and so P played hookie from school yesterday, joining me for an afternoon of errand running (which was cut short by the aforementioned illness). Some observations from our 90-minute outing:

-A man filling his collection of plastic bottles and then giving himself a shower at the free air and water pump at the Mobil station.

-Two teenagers overheard on line at Aunt Annie’s Pretzels:

Girl: But how do you know that the baby is yours if she won’t take a test?
Boy: It is. I’ll be able to tell when I see it.
Girl: But what I’m saying is, what if it’s not yours?
Boy: It totally is.

-A middle-aged woman asleep in the middle of the floor in Target.

-A young woman walking her German Shepherd down Silverlake Blvd. in her bra.



Lyn said...

wow! that's quite a list.

casey said...

That sounds like a great day!!