Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Post For a Rainy Day

It's been one of those days in our house. Rainy, windy, all around undesirable weather in LA today has rendered us, in a word, unproductive. A frightening stack of folded laundry chastises me from its perch on my bedroom ottoman: I'm already folded! For the love of God, the hard part is done! Some couch cushion slipcovers send me extrasensory messages from the neighborhood dry cleaner's: That throw blanket isn't fooling anyone--bring us home! The television has been on Nick Jr. far longer than I'd like to admit and P's eyes are like silver dollars. It's not my finest hour; it's just one of those days.

I'm also exhausted. P has been waking in the night again, consistently for the past month or maybe longer. I used to write these things down in the early days, to try and make out a pattern, consult her doctor, solve the mystery, etc... Now it just feels like par for the course. Today I was looking forward to her nap time to power through some things I had to do and maybe grab a few winks myself, but alas, there was no nap to be had. Life is pain.

To be fair, I can't entirely blame this on P. I've been somewhat irresponsible with my time in the evenings. Instead of going to bed earlier (in anticipation of the 1:30am "Mommy! Come in here, Mommy!"), I've been riveted to my book, sometimes still awake when P finally does call for me. As embarrassing as this confession is, I'm going to let my dorky 13 year old self out for a minute and tell you that I watched the trailer for it today online. (Oh, yes, there's a movie.) I don't even care if it gets universally panned, I will still pay to see it in a theater. Reader, it's a date.

*For some reason, the video is cropped, so just click on the image if you want to watch it full-sized on youtube.

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