Friday, February 18, 2011

Dreaming of Spring

Springtime is far and away my favorite clothing season to shop for. The satisfaction of purchasing an easy cotton sundress (versus, say, a wool pencil skirt) is doubtlessly born from the promise of warmer weekends to come. Sandals, exposed arms, white capris, hothouse secondaries and the dependably annual "return" of nautical chic all but guarantee a better life just a few more weeks off: gin and tonics on a parrot green lawn, the start of regatta season, Easter brunches in lily-scented hotels. So what if I live in East LA, where I never do any of those things I fantasize about. If you know me well, you know that I have what I've termed a "garden party complex," which sometimes compels me to shop as if I could be asked to take tea with an HRH at a moment's notice.

It's difficult to reconcile what I like with where and how I live. I definitely overdo it sometimes, but I refuse to succumb to trend whoredom. ("Bra" is not a style; ladies of Silverlake, I'm talking to you.) I try to keep it classy, represent my east coast roots, and I find that the Spring lines never disappoint.

And, I admit, it's when I have the most fun shopping and dressing P. Which is why I just ordered way too many things for her from the Mini Boden catalog. Their unfussy, sweet clothing is both sophisticated without trying too hard (see Crewcuts "silk flight suit, $118" for reference) yet completely playground appropriate. I ordered some cardigans and a jacket from them last September, which are still in pretty good shape, despite the rigors of preschool art projects. So I'm really excited to see how their warmer weather items hold up. (Plus, I saw some cute things for Mommy on the grown-up Boden site.) Will give you the full review when they arrive!

Retro dress, $40

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