Thursday, April 7, 2011

You're Gonna Need to Sit Down For This

Inspired by Knoll's annual sale last month, I took the plunge and finally, finally ordered my beloved Bertoia chairs. I've had my eye on them for about ten years now, and after many trips to DWR to "test" them out, we ordered four for our kitchen.

They arrived today and I'm thrilled with them. Sculptural and functional at the same time, they're right at home in the, ahem, "charming" dimensions of our kitchen. You can't exactly lounge in them, it's true. I prefer to think of them as encouraging good posture. And while I'm not usually a fan of pairing like with like when it comes to furniture eras, the coolness of the metal against warm Danish teak is enough of a contrast for me. But the very best thing about them is their utter toddler-proofness. Metal and wipeable vinyl seat pads--brilliant!

Another angle (don't mind the bubble wrap explosion in the living room!):

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casey said...

You sound a lot like Genevive Gorder (HGTV) in this blog..."the cold metal against the warm woods"..HA HA I was just going to ask you to post a new blog, it has been too long...Please make next post a little longer and some closer pics of you and P would be preferred!! Love the chairs BTW

Casey :)