Monday, December 5, 2011

FYI, it's DIY!

Hi guys! As you know, we’re attempting to furnish a half empty house on a reasonable budget, so lately flea markets and thrift stores are my favorite places. Yesterday we hit up the Santa Monica Airport Flea Market for the first time and, man, am I glad I did!

As soon as we walked in, I spotted these two small (relatively speaking) wingback chairs. I have been DYING for wingbacks for as long as I’ve been of legal age to vote but they’re always either too big or too uncomfortable. Happy to report, these are neither. AND I picked them up for a cool $240 for the pair. I mean….

The plan is to reupholster with either a fab pattern…..

More La Fiorentina (I die for this pattern in all its colorways)

Or go a little preppier in a solid charcoal linen with white piping. All depends on the curtains that will go up behind it (more on that another time).

Anyway, I'm so excited about these chairs. I adore their pagoda-ish lines and dainty neo legs. Will keep you posted on the DIY!


PS--As a little side note (which really was the cherry on top of this whole thing), I had a Windsor Smith sighting while there!! If you’re not familiar, she’s one of my FAVORITE designers and is featured prominently in all the shelter mags. It was fun to watch her in action, although it seemed like she was just shopping for jewelry. Here’s a little sampling of her work. (All Windsor Smith images from Pinterest.)

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Stefan said...

That is so funny. We have an old set of wingbacks that my parents were going to throw out. So far we have one quote on getting them redone: $1600 per chair! Let us know what you learn, would love to get ours done too, pitty we cannot get economy of scale by having four done at the same time!