Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Emerging Patterns...

I've been hunting for a great, inexpensive fabric for custom curtains for months, and I think I've finally narrowed it down to a few not inexpensive options (this seems to be a pattern I just can't break...). At first I thought we could just skip it altogether because custom drapes are can I say this nicely...not for me. Plus we have a lush green privacy hedge that I actually like to look at. But if we ever hope to watch television between the hours of 3pm and sunset, they're a must.

So here is my current den situation (I really hate posting a "before" room with no "after" to offer, so please be kind!!!):

 You can see it's already a pretty dark room, but if you look at the slant of the sun, you can tell that in about an hour, it will be right in the eye line of anyone sitting on the couch.

Here's my inspiration:

Betsy Burnham/Betsy Burnham/Betsy Burnham/ Lauren Liess/ Betsy Burnham

I would run this last one horizontally...

Anyone care to weigh in? Do you have patterned drapes in your home?


Spoonflower/ Quadrille/ Lauren Liess Textiles/ Spoonflower

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