Thursday, July 12, 2012

Dining Room Reno: Glossy Painted Built-in Buffet

Although I'm working on the whole house at once, perhaps the most dire situation is our dining room. Up until a week ago, it looked like a corner of Miss Havisham's attic: there was the Deco bar doesn't really work with the Spanish-Craftsman architecture, a teak Danish table that looked diminutive in the space, wires hanging out of the ceiling and wall where light fixtures belong, and the monster built-in buffet that's original to house. Everything else I can replace (and have started to--more on that to come), but that's just fug. So I've decided to paint it in a high gloss, slightly darker than the wall color (Farrow & Ball's "French Grey"). When I tell people that I'm planning on painting "original word work," they act as if I've just told them I'm moving to Nicaragua to open a surf camp (it happens more often than you think--just watch House Hunters International!): "NOOOO, you can't!" or "I wouldn't do that, if I were you..." or "Are you sure? Because once you do that, you can't take it back..." It's ridiculous! Anyway, I'm in the process of picking the shade, but I thought I'd share some of my inspiration photos with you in the meantime:

The image that started it all...My cabinet is very similar to this in style.

This midnight blue is stunning.

I like how these are the same color as the wall--puts the focus on the table and lighting!

I'd been thinking of papering the walls with seagrass and painting the cabinet for  textural contrast, and when I saw this image of Erin Gates today, it made me want to do it even more.

Pictures of final color choices, lighting and chair selections to follow!


All images via pinterest, except Erin Gates image (on Sous Style)

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