Friday, July 13, 2012

Campaign Furniture: Tired or Terrific?

Happy Friday (even though it's a 13th)!

For some reason I find TV consoles to be the hardest thing to choose. I just don't love the look of "entertainment centers" so I always prefer to find something vintage or something built-in, which we were lucky enough to have in our old house. When we moved into the new place, we ended up using a 10 year old Ikea TV stand from our first LA apartment while I searched for the perfect piece. Needless to say, it's seen better days. And as usual,  I was fixated on a vintage 1940's French Deco buffet that I saw in Lauren Gold's Chicago apartment in Lonny last year. This was a problem, obviously. I was about ready to refinish our old Ikea stand when I came across this Campaigner dresser by Dixie on Craigslist:

Sorry for the terrible cell pic.

Looks a little bright, right? The plan is to refinish it in a glossy black, so that it looks more like this:

Jordan Ferney's apartment via Oh, Happy Day!

I ADORE this gray version, but it's too similar to what I did in my entryway:

 From Rashon Carraway's blog, Mr. Goodwill Hunting

There seems to be a bit of campaign fatigue out there in the blogosphere, but I try to ignore trends on the whole, anyway: if I like it, I like it. What do you think? Are there certain design trends you avoid because it's "been done"?

Have a great weekend, friends!!!



JG said...

I ran across this blog looking into Dixie-Campaigner furniture. Any thoughts as to the value of a piece like this? My wife found one online that she likes, but I have no idea if the price is a bargain or a swindle.


Lemon Macaron said...

Hi JG,
I bought this one on Craigslist for about $375, which is a total bargain in my book. I've seen them sell for upwards of $1200 in some of the shops in town and around that amount on some of the flash sites, as well. It's a very popular design trend at the moment, so they're going to be more expensive if the shop owner knows what he or she has. Hope that helps and thanks for commenting!