Monday, July 9, 2012

A Mini-Break in the Country

Hi friends! We are back from what feels like a month-long vacation. It's amazing what a few days off can do for your stress levels. I'm definitely feeling more relaxed and ready for an action-packed week!

But first, a little recap from our mini-break at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa, a super family-friendly, ultra romantic Spanish style resort set in the most idyllic California setting: rolling hills, lush gardens and the smell of rosemary and lavendar on every breeze. I'm being serious right now. And the spa--don't get me started on that place...heaven!

Anyway, we've always wanted to go for the 4th because they have a cute little parade down the main street, and as we were making our way up to Ojai Avenue, a nice local invited to be on their float! It was really just a flat bed attached to a pickup, but whatever--when in Rome, right?

Photo bombed by a fellow floater

Along the parade route


That night we spread blankets out on the golf course and watched fireworks while bats (!!!) flew overhead. It was pretty special to say the least.  And we certainly couldn't leave town without a pony ride for P:


Oh, happy trails to you!

Friends fo' life!

Okay, check back tomorrow for a ridiculously easy upholstery project I did in about 15 minutes yesterday.


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