Monday, September 24, 2012

Finally Fall

Fall in Los Angeles is a bit weird because you can tell there's a change in the light, but it's still 89 degrees. All of the shops and catalogs are carrying yummy fall sweaters, blankets, and other things which I won't be able to use until after Thanksgiving. While I'm waiting, here's a list to get us in the mood for fall and all it has to offer!

cozy sweater + plaidBlanket

Emerson Major Pea Coat, Knit Gilet, Coal denims, Emerson Black Boot, Emerson Big Black Bag
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Santal 26  Candle by  Le Labo

Prada Leather Riding Boots

The Great Gatsby

1.Pendleton Blanket
2. Le Labo Candle
3. Emerson Fry peacoat
3. Bagley Mischka country home
4. Prada riding boots
5. Mumford and Sons "Babel"
6. Fireplaces!
7. "Back to school" classics

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