Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Share Your Decluttering Strategies

This is supposed to be my big week of getting P's room squared away. Somehow, it's been a major fail on my part. Here's my problem: I walk in there, look around, start feeling overwhelmed that it's so unorganized and walk straight to the fridge to distract myself with cheese. This has always been my procrastination method. I have to let it get to the point of feeling disgusted before I will actually do anything about it.

This is what I did with her clothes a few weeks back. Her drawers were OUT OF CONTROL with too-small clothing. Formerly, I would have saved each and every stained item for sentimental reasons (those are the WORST, I think--I have about six Rubbermaids in the garage filled with baby clothing that I just can't bring myself to donate...). But this situation was out of hand, and I really needed to get P some new, appropriately-sized shirts, tops, etc... So I cracked a Diet Coke--I'm obsessed with those mini cans!--and 20 minutes later, I had filled a Hefty bag. I took it straight to Goodwill the next day. Done and done.

But when it comes to the toys...I. Just. Can't. I see it in other areas of our home, too. The garage, for example, which is soon to be converted into my office. It's like a memory hut out there! What am I supposed to do with all those books, old furniture from the last house (anyone want to buy some sconces, btw??), boxes of photos, P's baby clothes and toys (more toys!). I wonder if it's time to start renting a storage unit. I've always been super against this, but  what else can I do?

I've been doing a lot of reading about getting toys organized to try to get some inspiration flowing, and I've not come across anything earth shattering. I do, keep coming back to this image of a kitchen pantry, of all things, that makes me want to develop OCD ASAP.

I want my whole life to look like Emerson Fry's pantry.
I think this is also why I love the modern aesthetic so much. I can feel my blood pressure drop when I walk into Room and Board. All those horizontal lines--decluttered heaven!

Please share your thoughts and tips on how you keep toys, or any kind of clutter, under control!

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