Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY Cornice: Do or Don't?

This week I'm focusing on P's room--getting it as organized and streamlined as possible, hanging some remaining art and doing some general freshening up. One of the things that's bothered me from day one of living in our new (I guess it's not that new anymore...) house is the gross shade in her room. I need the shade to block the light BUT I can't do panels since it's over her bed, and I'm not a fan of short panels at ALL. 

GROSS plastic shade situation over P's bed..

We are doing a lot in the house right now, so I don't really want to pay to replace it and repair the damage in the wall and trim once I do pull it out. I think a quick solution answer is a cute cornice to hide the ugly. I've actually found a few cornice DIY tutorials on the internet, but I'm going to have to assess what my DIY limitations are exactly. Palmer Weiss, one of my favorite designers, seems to use them frequently to beautiful effect, I think:

 (Also a great look for kitchens to warm up all that stone and steel)

Some DIYers' versions (click the link for the actual tutorials)...

Effortless Style Interiors

I think for P's room I would go with the simple rectangle anyway, so I might give this a try when some of my other projects slow down. What you do you think? Would you try this or hire a professional?


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