Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Getaway: Lake Arrowhead

We escaped to the mountains this weekend for a much-needed break from the grind. Some friends have an amazing place on the peninsula in Lake Arrowhead, and it was just what the doctor ordered. Aside from the completely terrifying drive up the mountain (the road in is called Rim of the World Highway, okay? And I have problems on Mulholland, people...), it was perfection: 65 degrees and crisp, sunny skies, walks in the woods, boat rides into town and a toasty fire at night. 

The view from our bedroom at sunrise.

Boat ride into the village.

My only regret was not picking up this blanket from the Pendleton shop in town:

P slept like a log from all that fresh mountain air, and actually cried when it came time to leave. C and I grabbed a real estate catalog in town; we often think about a second home someplace outside the city. Lake Arrowhead is so close, it's definitely a great option. But that winding road--I still have little half-moon marks in my thighs from my own fingernails! 


Blanket image from here.

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