Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dining Room Art: Audobon Society Prints

I see a lot of design trends in my day-to-day, but I almost always come back to some of the more classic design elements, like these vintage bird prints hanging in this Katie Ridder dining room:


Another beautiful use of a more traditional element, this time by Tom Scheerer:


I'm on the hunt for a few piece for our dining room, and the above images keep coming to mind. As luck would have it, while in Key West on our cruise, we stumbled upon the Audobon Society Museum, and I felt inspired all over again. These computer photos don't do them justice, though; the colors are unreal in person. A few of my favorites from the waterfowl group:

Love the gray-blue of his feathers.

The neck is so graceful here.

Every room looks good with a touch of black and white.

Gorgeous shock of color here.

Another graceful pose.

Unexpected in a dining room.

The flamingo is everyone's favorite, of course.

But the E.B.White fan in me would love this Trumpeter swan.

You can see all of the prints here. What do you think? Would you hang a water fowl in your home?

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