Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crate & Barrel's Clean Slate

Has anyone seen the new Clean Slate catalog from Crate and Barrel yet? Some people claim to love cleaning but I'll be the first to admit that cleaning is not my bag. But these gorgeous cleaning products are positively Downton-esque in feel.

This lint brush is so much nicer than those horrible Scotch lint rollers, don't you think?

So Downton...

I could see P really getting into using this crumb brush.

I love the idea of a natural cleanser bottle.

Carpet beater! Need.

C makes fun of the fact that I use gloves to wash dishes, but when you fork over $20 a week for shiny nails, you use gloves.

Been using these cute sponges for years.

Time to upgrade from my cheapy white plastic scrubber from Ralph's.

Where were these straw brushes when I was waist high in sippy cups?

I'm already a convert to The Laundress detergent line. They're not inexpensive, but they smell insane and I do believe they're gentler on your things. I particularly love their Crease Release spray for travel--genious!

What do you think? Are you going to channel your inner Mrs. Hughes and try 'em out? You can check out the entire line here.

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