Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Double G Interior Design

Have I mentioned that we won a week in this Paris apartment? Oh, yes. It's true. At a fundraiser, we lost our vacation-starved, wine-soaked minds and bid on a week's stay in this Louvre-adjacent flat:

I mean, if I had a dream apartment in the city of lights, I'd like to think I'd decorate exactly this way. Curious about the designers (Paris-based firm "double g"), I did a little research and came upon their website. It didn't disappoint:

Their office:

Tres chic, mais non? 



Morag said...

Um, so JEALOUS! Hope you guys have a blast. When are you going?
By the way, LOVING the new look.
~ Morag

Lemon Macaron said...

Thanks, Morag!!! Glad you like it! Not sure when we're going yet--still coordinating with the owner. Can't wait, though! xoxo

Stacy Chiavaro said...

Omg, so cool! Can't wait to hear about your travel adventures in Paris (Pair-ee!) and get a list of all the kiddy hot spots. Congratulations on your new LM look, love your pic. Love, S

Stacy Chiavaro said...

p.s. We love the book Kiki & Coco. My guess is that you already have this gem of a book for P. If not, it comes highly recommended from miss E.