Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter at the Parker Palm Springs

Happy April! How was everyone's weekend? We skipped town on Thursday for a long weekend with friends in Palms Springs, aka My Happy Place. Things have been so crazy lately that a little decompression in the desert was just what the doctor ordered for our little family.  

Our adorable villa:

Complete with rattan swing...

That P could not remove herself from, of course.

I appreciated this little toiletry tray of goodies which, naturally, I've absconded with (the goodies, not the tray!)...

We stuffed ourselves at Norma's and the Lemonade Stand on the regular.

And our (messy) bunny found us on Sunday morning!

Ta da!

A little egg hunt to go with our eggs benedict...

And one obligatory orange door shot before we headed back to rainy, cold LA (boo).

One week to go until our cruise! So much to do between now and then. How was your Easter?


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