Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vintage Movie Posters As Art

I'm working with a client who's considering an oversized vintage movie poster in her living room. It's easy to forget what beautiful works of art some of these old one sheets are. I searched out some of the chicest films I could think of, and their posters are equally gorgeous. Take a look (click captions for info):

A classic.

So lovely.
 As a general rule, I try to find the poster in a language other than the film's language, if that makes sense.

I bought the Italian version of this for C years ago. It used to hang in our apartment but now lives in his office. I still love it and kind of miss it.

One of my all time favorite films.

I've actually always wanted this one and can't believe  I found it.  Maybe it's a sign?

Anything with a huge photo of Marcello on it is soooo good.

Can't go wrong with Grant, Kelly and Hitch.

I actually have no idea what this film is but my client used to row in college and I think this is hilarious.

Would you hang movie art in your home? Or is it too cliche for you?

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Ruby said...

OMG! That collection is wonderful! There's something about vintage posters like those that give such a glamorous vibe. I gotta say, my favorite among the bunch would be the poster of Casablanca, probably because I love the film. Thank you for sharing that collection!

Ruby Badcoe @ Williams Data Management