Friday, August 7, 2015

Raising a Glass: My Favorite Glassware of the Moment

This summer was a rough one on our drinking glasses so it's time for some new ones. A simple enough task, you say? Just pop over to Target and pick some up, you say? Ha. Interior designers are raging perfectionists who've put a convenient professional sheen over their disorder. 

So indulge me while I run down my list of contenders for new drinking glasses:

My go-to for years was the CB2 Marta tumbler, but I've had to constantly replace them, which is getting annoying. That doesn't stop me from admiring their newer, more colorful model, though:

Up in Lake Arrowhead, we're really embracing the country vibe, so we use the blue Ball mason jars. Should I go country in the city?

I also really love Crate and Barrel's multi-use working glasses. I seem to always be short on food storage containers, and I'd like to move away from all the plastic. Seems a good option, no?

However, I also love the graceful spin Williams-Sonoma put on the working glasses. It's more of a  Euro bistro vibe, which makes sense as they're made by Duralex, a mainstay of the French cafe scene:

C and I were out to dinner recently at Blue Plate Oysterette and were really taken with the whole East Coast vibe in there. They have these cute recycled wine bottle tumblers that were so fun. 

A recent favorite source for dinnerware (and everything else, really) is Farmhouse Pottery, so I definitely had to check out their offerings. I really love the double wall glasses that hold both hot and cold drinks. And they're so pretty (let's be honest--this is my priority)!

And I couldn't resist these delicate beauties. The description claims they work for hot or cold drinks as well, but I'm not totally convinced of their strength. Don't want to have to order new ones constantly. Gorgeous, though, right?

Schoolhouse Electric always has something special on tap, and these petite stacking tumblers don't disappoint. If only I could have mine on permanent display next to a cute bottle of ginger beer. Also, I've noticed that men generally prefer larger glasses (Why is this? Do you find this to be true, too?) so these might be out of the running.

Heath Ceramics is another of my very favorites when it comes to tableware. The simple beauty of these super durable, streamlined glasses, also by French company Duralex, is refreshing.

While I was on their site, I noticed they carry the Soma water carafe and filter. I've heard such amazing things about this--have you? Has anyone tried it? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Decisions, decisions...What's your favorite? Have any in mind that I didn't include here?

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Anonymous said...

we have had the williams sonoma for years. virtually indestructible!