Friday, March 12, 2010

Past Due

If blog posts were Amex bills, I’d be delinquent. I mean I'm not going to jail or anything at this point, but I’ve been getting harassed every day for not posting—phone calls, emails, notes tied to rocks thrown through my windows…It’s been a busy week for us here at Casa Penelope and time for writing seems to be nonexistent. But here I am, at 5:45am on a Friday. Do forgive, pretty please…

As I said, we are busy bees this week so I will give you the quick rundown of happenings from the past seven days or so:

1. I went to Boston for the weekend by myself for my BU roommate’s wedding. It was the longest (and farthest) that I’ve been away from Penelope. Got to visit some old haunts like Border CafĂ© in Harvard Square and spend time with some fab ladies who I haven’t seen in years. The weather was incredible—I didn’t even need the jacket I packed!—and I got my Dunks on in a major way, of course. Being away from Penelope is not easy. I find that I almost have to forget about her when I’m not with her, which is tough to do when everyone is asking you to show them photos. I will say this about traveling without her: flying with only my handbag and no other carry-ons on the plane is AWESOME (Mommies, you know what I’m talking about...).

2. Christian’s parents are visiting this week and so far we’ve done tons of fun activities with P, the highlight of which has been egg coloring with one of those cool Pas sets from the grocery store. “Eggy?” she says when she wants one and then takes five minutes to choose which color she’d like. Photos are below. Adorable!

3. I went to an open house at the preschool I’d really like to get P into. The facility is gorgeous and the teachers are so great, but my heart sank when I saw at least one hundred other parents were there, too. I’m definitely feeling a bit stressed that I didn’t put her on the wait list early enough. For this particular school, she would have to start this Fall at 2 years and 2 months and she has to be potty trained by day one—no Pull Ups allowed! So I guess we have a new project on our hands…

4. I saved the best for last--she said her name!! Or at least the second half of it. Hurray for “Elopeeee!” She is so excited and proud of herself. I’ve heard her practicing it in her crib when she first wakes up in the morning and in the bathtub when she’s playing with all her water toys. “Elopeee, Elopeee, Elopeee!” patting her little chest for emphasis.

Okay, I’ll cut it off right here. I could go on and on but I’ll save the rest for future posts. Mazel to Rachael and Josh who are on their amazing honeymoon in Belize and thank you to Kelly and Olivia who made my Sunday morning.



Me4Me said...

This one made me cry....soo cute...I can't stand it!! Don't stress about the pre-school thing Jenn...she's only 1 year old!!

Aunt Morag said...

yeah, she can say her name! Well half of it! Can't wait to hear it myself

The Observer said...

So cute, Elopee! Glad you had fun in BOS. if it helps, I miss Marco when he takes a long nap. I laughed at the comment on traveling alone. As we are packing to go to Vermont for 2 days, and I am wondering how everything will FIT IN A STATION WAGON, I am a tad jealous of you traveling sans crap.