Friday, September 7, 2012

DWR Dining Sale Dilemna

Yesterday started the annual Design Within Reach dining sale, which you know I count down the days to those sales. I am somewhat traditional in my personal taste but have a real weakness for the sculptural, peaceful feel that modern design has, which means I frequently accent rooms with super modern pieces. I love the Bertoia chairs we bought for our kitchen a few years back, and I've always wanted the Saarinen tulip table to go with them.

Matters of Style
From The Right Bank

Matters of Style


 But even after over a decade of wanting this, I just can't bring myself to plunk down that kind of cash on this table, so I've been scouring craigslist and eBay for a slightly cheaper one. The trouble is, they tend to hold their value, so I've also been considering some, um, "alternatives." Okay, they're blatant knockoffs.

Ikea, $199. This is my frontrunner.

West Elm, $199. Cute, but too small for my needs.

CB2 Odyssey, $199. Interesting option.

I'm not sure yet but I will do, but I'm feeling the pressure of the sale! I've even tried to rationalize my way into going for the real deal, but I just can't after all the work we've done on the house, etc... But then again, why would I when then are so many great alternatives out there. What do you think? Would you go with the real deal, which will hold it's value and is basically a piece of sculpture? Or run to Ikea and never think twice?


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