Wednesday, December 12, 2012

DIY Gold Painted Vase (Or How I Procrastinated on a Tuesday)

Even though I do a little DIY every now and then, I've sort of accepted the fact that I'm not really a "DIY-er." That didn't stop me from putting off a few semi pressing obligations the other day (oh holiday cards, you can wait...) to slap some gold leaf on this cheapy vase I picked up at HomeGoods a few weeks ago:

 I had wanted a round rose vase, and the price was right. I already had the gold leaf from another design school project, and I've been hoarding craft brushes for the impending crafting crisis that I seem to be shoring us up for (Why do I need to save all the ribbons in the world? WHY?), so the foam applicator wasn't a problem, obviously.

I set myself up outside because that gold leaf is really stinky, and got down to business. 

At first I thought I would go all Kate Spade Cloverdale vase on it, but then I remembered I wasn't a DIY-er. This led me to more of a Marilyn Minter, drippy place. Which is good, because that's exactly what happened.

I really just dragged the applicator around the circumference. Then I just added more and more...

And more...

And then I let it dry outside for about two hours. It was still a touch tacky on the bottom, and my roses were starting to wilt, so I put a little cocktail napkin underneath for the time being. I do have those little felt circles that I put under everything, but in all the garage reno mess, I can't find them.

I think it came out alright, considering it cost me about $4.99 in total and only a few minutes of my time. I was trying to go for a really uneven, gold-dipped look, and I'm happy with the results.

Do you have any cute DIYs that came out better than you expected? Share!


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