Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thrifting Thursday: Ikea Edition

Okay, so Ikea's not exactly what I'd call "thrift," but if you shop there, it means you are thrifty, yes? Yes. I was in the Swedish megastore the other day to pick a few goodies for our home and to scope out some things for two of my clients. Here's what caught my eye this time around (In case it's not totally obvious, I'm in love with everything black and white...):

Over our new tulip table in the kitchen, perhaps?

This throw is SO Celerie Kemble, right??

Would look so pretty in one of my client's homes!

Love the painterly plaid on this duvet.

Scandi kitchen tins.

Upholstered dresser...a little OOT.

Gorgeous grayscale fabric.

Square rug for aforementioned client's kitchen nook.

I just can't get enough of b&w. It's getting a little out of hand in our own house, so now I'm taking it out on my clients. ;)


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